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Do You Need A TV Screen Protector?

There are quite a number of problems, like dust, moisture and scratches, which can damage TV screens. In order to avoid them, you can simply use a TV screen protector. It should be a good quality one or the picture quality can be altered. A screen protector will cost you some additional money but will aid in increasing the life of your television. It is also important to point out that almost all insurance plans don't cover damage to the TV screen itself.

Many high end TV screens are made of glass. One hit on the glass and it will easily crack. A TV screen protector made of transparent plastic will protect the expensive TV's glass from damage. TVs these days are actually a lot more susceptible to damage than the ones we were using 5+ years ago, as we now focus on style rather than robustness. Those super thin TVs with high qualities pictures do look great, but that look comes at the price of fragility.

A TV screen protector should be chosen based on the size of the screen. It needs to fit perfectly or else the look of the television may get spoiled. The ideal situation is for the TV screen protector to cover the screen area and to overlap the bezel (sides) of the screen area. The good news is that your picture quality won't suffer at all as a result of using a TV screen protector. Unless you have your lights positioned oddly, there won't be even the slightest glare showing up on the screen.

The best quality TV screen protectors are made so that you can't even tell that they are separate to the TV. The edges of the protector will match the color of your TV and the screen of the protector is optically clear. So, there's no need to worry that you will have some cheap looking piece of plastic stuck on your expensive, nice looking TV. Occasional cleaning of a TV screen protector will be necessary, but will be needed less often than you're currently having to wipe down your TV screen now. They're also much easier to clean, as you don't have to worry about what you spray on them or how hard you wipe.

Be aware that there are various cheaper TV screen protector options available in the market which claims to be the best option. But they have certain flaws which are really not acceptable. The biggest difference between the options is the thickness of the screen protector, if they do not state the thickness it is most likely a thin piece of plastic that does not offer the level of protection it should. Also, be sure to get that leaves a little space between the TV screen and the protector screen, as otherwise you may find that your TV screen protector actually ends up damaging your TV screen instead of protecting it. Again, this is only an issue with cheap TV screen protectors though. Paying a bit extra is definitely worth it.


Recycling Your Computer After Using It

Computers contain many toxic heavy metals, chemicals, and carcinogens that cause severe damage to the environment. If computers are thrown in the landfill, these toxic substances can leech into the ground and have a serious impact on the water and soil. When disposing of your computer, it is important to do so safely. One method that more people are participating in is computer recycling.

The following list outlines tips on recycling your computer after using it:

Donate Computer: Donating your computer to a computer refurbisher who then donates the computer to a charity or school is a great way to protect the environment while helping others. These refurbishers will wipe your computer clean of all your personal information before donating it. You can find computer refurbishers locally or online. As well, computer companies such as Dell have computer refurbish programs. There are also sites that tell you how to donate directly to a charity.

Take The Computer to an Electronics Recycler: Computer recyclers will strip your computer and make use of every part. They will also make sure the rest of the computer is safely disposed of.

Computer Trade-In Programs: Companies such as Gateway have programs where people can return old computers and get a discount on a new computer.

Return your Computer to the Manufacturer: Many computer manufacturers have instituted computer recycling programs. Dell offers a program that allows computer owners to send them their computer after choosing a $10 or $20 computer recycling kit.

Resell Your Computer: You can sell your computer using such methods as newspaper classified and auction sites like Ebay. You will not make much money because the value of computers depreciates quickly due to new technology constantly emerging.

Resell Computer Parts: There many computer owners looking to add additional parts to their computers. This can include: cords speakers, keyboards etc. Selling various parts can bring in a bit of extra cash. Make sure you have the proper information such as the name of the component, brand name, and serial number.

A Childrens Learning Tool: It seems that more young children are learning to use computers. Because children can often make mistakes that can cause computer malfunctions, learning on an old computer is a great way for children to learn because any damage incurred will not matter.

Add Upgrades Your Computer: If your computer is only a few years old, consider upgrading it with new components. This can include; a new monitor, bigger hard disk drive, more memoryetc. You could possibly get an extra year or two out of the computer.

No matter how you recycle your computer, it is important to wipe your hard drive clean of all personal and financial information before getting rid of it.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, e-waste has become a growing concern all over the world. According to Earth911.com, electronic waste accounts for 70 percent of the overall toxic waste currently found in landfills. It is important that we all do our part to protect the environment. Recycling your computer is one way of contributing to the protection of the planet.


Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas - DigitalsOnDemand 15-Item Accessory Bundle For Apple iPad

Brief Product Overview

Undecided over what you can buy for your dad this Father's day? If your dad has an Apple iPad, then this 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad by DigitalsOnDemand will definitely make an awesome present for him.

This accessory bundle will make an excellent gift for your dad on Father's Day especially if he has just gotten himself an Apple iPad, as these accessories that your dad is going to find in this package will be a great complement to his iPad.

And if you are thinking of getting an iPad for your dad this Father's day, then you may want to also consider getting this accessory bundle to make a complete set.

In the next section, we will be talking more about what exactly you will find in this 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad.

What You Will Discover In This 15-Item Accessory Bundle

Here's a list of what you will be able to find in this particular 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad:

1. 3 Different iPad Cases

This bundle includes 3 different Apple iPad cases which your dad can choose to use whichever one that he likes and matches his needs. It has a black silicone case, leather case with kick stand, and a clear case with kick stand that is detachable.

2. Screen Protector

There is also a screen protector which is really useful as your dad can use to protect the screen of his iPad.

3. Wall & Car Charger Adapter

The bundle also includes a wall charger adapter and a car charger adapter. It will be great for your dad to have a spare charger which he can place it in the office and need not bring the charger to and fro. The car charger is great too as he will be able to charge his iPad on the go.

4. Other Miscellaneous Accessories

Also included in the accessory bundle are a USB sync cable, retractable USD data cable, reading light, universal touch screen stylus pen, headphones with mic, earphone splitter, and AUX cable.

There is also a fishbone which your dad can use to wrap the cords of the headphones to keep it organized and a drawstring pouch to keep all the cables.

Customers' Feedback About This 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad

In terms of what fellow customers have said about this particular accessory bundle for the Apple iPad, many have commented that this is a nice little package that consist of all the necessary accessories they need at a hugely affordable price (it currently cost just $39.99 with free shipping on Amazon.com).

However, some of them have commented that the packaging of this product is something in which the manufacturers can further improved upon.

Our Final Verdict

In our honest opinion, we feel that this particular accessory bundle for the Apple iPad consists of the necessary accessories that an average iPad user would require. And also for the price that Amazon.com is charging for the entire set, we feel that it is value for money.


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